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The person was told more explicitly by the Majordomo owner: Mail Majordomo with Plain Text + Do Not to send quoted-printable junk format, then Majordomo worked fine. Bad enough for 1 to 1 mail, grey listing becomes itself mass spam when loads of list subscribers each grey list excrete individually, back to a list owner, who receives bulk NOTE: The patches are NOT "official" patches approved by Chan Wilson or anyone else. A sample .majordomo file might look like (shamelessly stolen from the comments at the top of the bounce script): this-list passwd1 [email protected] other-list passwd2 [email protected] bounces passwd3 [email protected] bounces passwd4 [email protected] http://gpscheduler.com/cannot-append/cannot-append-message-to-file-usr-local-majordomo-wrapper.html

Of course, change 2525 to whatever alternate port number you wish to use. What's in it? Your alias should say for example: majordomo: |"/path/to/majordomo/wrapper majordomo" 2.6 - I get "majordomo: No such file or directory" from the wrapperMake sure that the #! If you are using Exim instead of sendmail there are more things you can do. http://www.greatcircle.com/majordomo/majordomo-faq.html

Majordomo Mailing List Manager

If you do not plan to use digested lists, do not worry about this option. $whereami, $homedir, and $sendmail_command should be changed to appropriate values for your system. statement at the beginning of all the Majordomo Perl executables contain the correct path to the perl program (the default is /usr/local/bin/perl). It will not work with Perl 5.001!!!. If you have an unsafe configuration of .forward and :include: files, you can make it safe by finding all such files, and doing a "chmod go-w $FILE" on each.

unsubscribe [email protected] Auth. There have been unconfirmed reports that on some systems having the queue process interval set too short can cause problems, even though sendmail is supposed to handle this. It looks incompetent, & if your mailer mangles it, looks even worse. Majordomo Admin Commands The easiest method is to use a program called newsgate.

Since the wrapper always sets HOME to the correct directory, you get a nice default, unless you are running a previously built wrapper, in which case you may get the wrong Majordomo Commands This is done with a filter (currently demime, will change later perhaps to Emil. Top Of Index and Top Of Page DO Not Cross Subscribe Lists - Do Not provoke a mail storm ! http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/text/Majordomo-MajorCool-HOWTO Don't forget to remove this account and unsubscribe it after debugging.) Optionally you may use cron to send a mkdigest to push out a digest at set intervals regardless of the

Of course, you'll have to fill in the appropriate details for "mail.myisp.com", "mydomain.com", etc.... Majordomo 2 killall -HUP sendmail testing majordomo The easiest way to test the mailing list server is by sending messages to [email protected] It's really not that hard to figure out. create the digest directory and archive directory.

Majordomo Commands

Once you get past the above two requirements, it is possible to maintain Majordomo lists without root access. which is 8 times more than the available octet boundary lookup. Majordomo Mailing List Manager Please learn What Reply-To: is, & how & why it's used on lists such as @berklix. Majordomo Help key you return to subscribe.

However, on some systems the process can be delegated to a separate file under your control. this content Section 3: Setting up mailing lists and aliases 3.1 - How do I direct bounces to the right address? He's been the only Allman at Berkeley for over fifteen years -- to suddenly have this "good address" bounce mail because it is ambiguous would be a heinous wrong. You can get it from ftp://ftp.hpc.uh.edu/pub/tlb/. Majordomo Linux

You will need root access to install this program with the correct privileges. Make sure also that majordomo and all the related scripts are in the W_HOME directory as defined in the Makefile when you compiled the wrapper. 2.7 - I get an error It's spammers format. weblink Don't trouble us with your noise !

There are various Web interfaces to Majordomo available. What Is Majordomo Many thanks to the members of the majordomo-workers and majordomo-users mailing lists for many of the questions and answers found in this FAQ. Bear in mind that when mailers send both human & email address, they put the human name in "Quotes" and the email address in .

Any mail which is not "approved", gets bounced with "Approval required".

I'm sorry, I don't have time to do consulting on Majordomo. There are INDEX files in each part with one-line summaries of each patch, and a README file in the top directory with overall information. This is in spite of the lines shown by mailq. Mailman You don't have to have both.

Either way, this will completely disable all use of the IDENT protocol. The 1.94.3 INSTALL file suggests using 'daemon' as your majordomo group. If Majordomo is working correctly having group write permission is not necessary. check over here Appending your username to the end of the line will give you access to the Majordomo files that are group writable.


Top Of Index and Top Of Page After You Have Subscribed You May Be Un-subscribed Without Warning If You Breach Requirements: Format: Plain Text (Ascii/ Ansi) is the preferred & reccomended It's a good idea to search or browse the list archives below for the last couple months since many of the same questions are asked (and answered) regularly. Download an install the 5.004 or 5.005 RPM instead, or download and updated RPM from updates.redhat.com. What do I do when Build fails because groff was not found?

If you don't have a digest version, then just supply for this value. http://www.berklix.org/help/majordomo/#grey_listing Text for periodic private mail from list-owner to individuals with grey listing providers: Subject: Un-subscription if your provider does not white list berklix.org. as if that's relevant or statistically significant, ... & if I don't agree I'm wrong & I Must change the servers according to their whim. How do I run version 8 sendmail and support the MAIL11V3 protocol?

I am in the midst of migrating The FreeBSD Diary over to WordPress (and you can read about that here). unsubscribe [email protected] Auth. Then the alias for the list simply becomes ".../resend @/path/to/filename". Note that this problem is sometimes caused by incompatible values of the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) size on a SLIP or PPP connection.

What does "foo not available for sendmail programs" mean? What does "may be forged" mean? We used a different channel for submission and delivery, one which deliberately doesn't verify the addresses before accepting a job. Or you can set the max size in the digest list config file down low, and force automatic generation. 4.3 - Why do I get duplicate mail sent to the list?

So I patched Majordomo to add the comma at the end of each address it writes to the list file.