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Cannot Attach Data Store Shared-memory Segment

OS- detected error: error_detailsThe path specified in theLogDirattribute is not accessible due to reasons described inerror_details.TimesTen cannot perform. See "ERR tracing" for details. See "Data Store Upgrades" in the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Installation Guide for details. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0843query/feature is not supportedThe requested type of query is not supported.TT0844Cannot write data store file file_name. his comment is here

In other words it moves a row from one position in the index to another position. If your application hasAUTOCOMMITset to 1, the command failed and the application has no further responsibilities.TT0779Request denied; transaction must rollback because log filesystem is fullThis transaction has previously received error 778. The original, pre-truncated log file should be found in a directory calledsavedLogFiles, which should be a subdirectory of the database's log directory.TT0889Number of log files exceeded the maximumCannot create a transaction This will eliminate this problem completely and allow for use of direct mode thereby giving the best possible performance. More hints

No new requests are accepted for this transaction; the transaction must abort.TT0780Log file file_name not foundInternal error. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0954SQL command has mismatched version numberInternal error. It is based on Chapter 1 of Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Error Messages and SNMP Traps. Decrease the number and/or length of the columns in the table (only length of non-variable types matters).TT0873Length of inline row (value) exceeds limit maximum_valueLength of the inline row exceeds the maximum

Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0886Index operation unsupportedInternal error. On Windows systems, the error could occur because of one of these reasons: - Access denied - The system has no handles available. - The segment cannot be fit into the Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0402Cannot close data store file. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0759Log file file_name has invalid file header -- details: error_descriptionInternal error.

Mismatch between the release of TimesTen and data store "Upgrading your data store" User does not have the CREATE SESSION privilege. "Privileges to connect to data store" Incorrect file permissions "Check See description of error 902 for more information.TT0791Cannot communicate with subdaemonCould not connect to or disconnect from a subdaemon because it is not running. Join us to help others who have the same bug. Set the transaction log file size to a size smaller than the maximum allowed limit.

Re: Cannot attach data store shared-memory segment using JDBC (TT0837) NestaFeng Apr 13, 2010 10:02 AM (in response to scheung) Hi, I encounter this issue in Windows XP, and application gets Privileges to connect to data store The user must have the CREATE SESSION privilege to connect to the data store. If a fatal fault occurs in the TimesTen data manager service, a pop-up asks if you would like to start the debugger. The database may have been invalidated and some applications may still be connected to it.

In this case the system error code isENOMEM. - The attach exceeds the system limit on the number of shared memory segments for the process. http://www.cornbio.com/oracle-836-cannot-create-data-store-shared-memory-segment-error-22-on-hp-ux/ On replicated systems, all master and subscriber data stores must be migrated using the -noRepUpgrade option. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0940SQL command has too many resultsA maximum of 32,767 projected expressions are allowed for a singleSELECTstatement. Additional errors that are pushed should indicate the reason for the failure For example, the failure could be caused by an out-of-disk error.TT0824Error information lost.

See "Using ODBC tracing". http://gpscheduler.com/cannot-attach/cannot-attach-pl-sql-shared-memory.html The transaction log corruption is likely the result of a crash affecting the disk controller. Check the user error log If a TimesTen application disconnects without returning an ODBC error or any other warning, look through the user error log. Unable to create shared segment You may receive an error that indicates that a shared segment could not be created: 4671: TT14000: TimesTen daemon internal error: Error 28 creating shared segment,

Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0924Row implementation unsupported for operationInternal error. The ttXactAdmin utility can sometimes help you detect this sort of contention. Try explicitly destroying the database (seettDestroy) or setting theAutoCreateandOverwriteattributes to overwrite the database.TT0827Bad connect options: When Logging=0, DurableCommits must be set to 0 and LockLevel must be set to 1If logging http://gpscheduler.com/cannot-attach/cannot-attach-data-store-shared-memory-segment-error-12.html An additional error message indicates which data partition is full.

Information from Chris:Yes, this is the classic problem due to the limited and badly fragmented memory map on 32-bit Windows. This operation is described in "Reducing data store size" in the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Installation Guide. See "Granting privileges to connect to the database" in the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Operations Guide.

If a deadlock occurs, the TimesTen subdaemon negotiates the problem by having an application involved in the deadlock generate TimesTen error 6002 (Lock request denied because of deadlock).

not supported platformSome of the characteristics of your machine (that is, alignments, type sizes) do not match the expected values. The lists from releases11.2.1 and 11.2.2 have been combined. On UNIX systems, use the swap command to check and reset the amount of virtual memory currently established for your system. Possible cause See...

TimesTen Server failed to load DRIVER This error only occurs on UNIX platforms. The size that is specified for theLogFileSizeattribute is too small. Check the OS error message.TT0868Cannot open directory directory_name for reading. check over here Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0768Cannot determine size of log reserve file file_name.

Contact Technical support and provide the stack trace. See "Monitoring the TimesTen system tables" for information on how view the contents of this table. Semaphore limits are platform-dependent. Check partition counts for the tables When a table is created, it has one partition.

Additional information may be present in the syslog on UNIX and the Event Log on Windows. Check for ODBC errors Check the ODBC errors returned by the SQLError function in all applications to determine whether one of them has encountered a problem that caused it to hang. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0796Failed to initialize procedure procedure_name with arguments/results argument/result_listInternal error. Extract a stack trace from the core file If you experience a crash by one of the TimesTen processes on a UNIX system and have exhausted all of the diagnostic options,

Wait until the backup or checkpoint has completed and retry the checkpoint.TT0607Backup cannot proceed because another checkpoint or backup is in progressAn attempt was made to backup the database while a If the amount of memory established for your data store is too large, reset PermSize and TempSize to smaller values. See "Checkpoint Operations" in the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Operations Guide.TT0890Log file name too longInternal error. Contact TimesTen Technical Support.TT0610End-checkpoint log record not foundInternal error.

The performance overhead imposed by client/server connections can be significant because of the network latencies involved in all communication with the data store. Execute a query.